The Sorceress' Wand-Short Story


The Sorceress' Wand

"Here it is! The final challenge," Katara announced excitedly. She and her best friend, Illiara, and her boyfriend, Dactorasho (or Dash for short), were on a quest to find the wand of Illuminara, the previous Great Sorceress. Also known as Katara's mother. Every time a Great Sorceress or Sorcerer retired, their wand was hidden for their child to find. If there was more than one child, then they shared the power. There were clues hidden all over that only the bretheren of the Great Sorceress/Sorcerer could read. They led the children on a quest that lasted exactly a month, no more, no less. Each child could take two trusted friends to help them.

"That's odd." Katara squinted at the paper. "Part of it is scratched out. All that I can see is the last sentence." "Well, what's it say?" asked Illiara curiously. "It says to move the moss-covered rock next to the waterfall," Katara answered. Dash shrugged.

"I guess you should do that. Maybe the other part was crossed out because of a mess-up." Dash sounded reasonable, but Katara wasn't sure.

"I don't know. They've never messed up before...well, maybe you're right." she admitted. "It's not like we have any other option, anyway." Katara walked over to the mossy rock and moved it over, grunting. She was turning around to face what was behind it when her friends gasped.

"There it is! Your mother's wand," Illiara said breathlessly. Katara looked where she was pointing. There, where the rock had previously sat, was a beautiful golden staff. The end of it opened in a 'C' shape, and a glowing ball of sparkling sky-blue energy levitated between the two prongs. When Katara looked closely, she saw that the ball had a moving picture inside of it-it was a river, but the water was extremely choppy and dangerous-looking. Katara gasped.

"Kataracts!" she exclaimed. She had been named after the strong, tough-to-traverse waters of the Turbulente River that rushed along outside her family's palace. Katara thought of how it had looked when in her mother's possesion-the energy ball had been golden then, and had formed a picture of a beautiful glowing diamond-an illuminari stone. Katara realized that the wand would always show its possesor's namesake.

"It's beautiful," she murmered, reaching for the wand. Just before she had touched it, however, she stopped. "Wait. This isn't right." Katara said. "We've got to find out what the rest ofthe message says. I can't take the wand without completing the challenge-it wouldn't be right." She walked back over to the magic piece of paper. "Huh? Look-it's not crossed out anymore!" Katara moved over so her friends could see it, then remembered that it was invisible to them. "Oh, right. My bad." She peered at the peice of paper. She found that, not had only the crossed out writing become visible, but more writing had also appeared. The note now read:

Congratulations, young Sorceress, you have come far.

The final challenge will test your honor.

Move the moss-covered rock next to the waterfall

You are worthy of the prize-

if you know that you haven't done all.

If you want to know if you've finished your quest,

simply wave the wand, and say

'Mother knows best.'

"What's it say?" Illuminara asked impatiently. Katara ignored her and stepped cautiously toward the beautiful wand.

"Here goes nothing," she said, and ever so cautiosly, took the magical staff in her hand. It was completely smooth and warm to the touch. Katara could feel the magical energy pulsing through it. Taking a deep breath, she waved the wand in the complicated pattern that her mother had taught her and whispered, "Mother knows best." Colors streamed from the wand, startling Katara so much that she nearly dropped it, but she held on tight as the colors formed a large picture above her. She was soon looking at the smiling face of her mother, who, Katara knew, had been watching her on her quest from a crystal ball at home.

"Congratulations, Katara. You have completed your quest and obtained my title." Illuminara sounded extremely proud. "Using a wand is a bit different from using your hands like you're used to, but I'm sure you'll get used to it." Katara was thrilled, but a little confused.

"But...I didn't do anything. The final challenge-I didn't complete it!" When Katara said this, Illuminara laughed.

"Actually, you did complete it. You knew that it wouldn't be right to take the wand without completing your challenge. That proved that you are an honorable person who likes to do things right." Illuminara smiled. "You'll make a wonderful Great Sorceress." With that, Katara's mother waved her hand, bringing her daughter and her friends home. "I'm so proud," she whispered to Katara. The newly-appointed Great Sorceress just smiled and gave her mother a big, warm hug. She couldn't wait to play-er, train-with her new wand.