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Date: 05/13/2013 | By: OneMoreFallenAngel

I run with legs of pens and paper
Climb with arms of paint and dye
Fly with wings of origami
Sing with lungs of cord and tie

My mind is filled with stranger's words
My hear filled with a song
My soul is filled with loving friends
That help me carry on

Do It For Me

Date: 06/17/2013 | By: OneMoreFallenAngel

I just don't know
How much more of this I can survive
Running from words
Healing the burns
While you live your life

I had a wish
Of the burdens lifted from your mind
Saving the scars
Seeing the marks
As you try to find

The meaning in the madness
The secrets in the sadness
The light hiding in the dark

I swear to god I'll save you
No matter what it takes
I swear, I won't forget you
However long the days

Do this thing for me
Live your life...for me


Date: 10/23/2014 | By: Smithd189

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