How do I register for Inpirational Writing?

 You don't. Inspirational Writing doesn't have a Members section. What you do is choose a name to be your InspireID, and put that on all your writings. If you choose to use your real name, please use your first name ONLY.

What's an InspireID?

    Your InspireID is the name you use on all your writings on Inspirational Writing. It's like your username. Please use the same InspireID on all of your writings so that if people like what you do, they can look specifically for your writings in the entries. If you chose to use your real name, please ONLY use your FIRST NAME. This is for your protection. IW is a good, child-friendly site, but you never know what creepo might show up. My InspireID is InspirationalButterfly. Please do NOT use that as your own InspireID. Thank you.

How do I enter a writing contest?

    To enter one of our monthly writing contests, go to the page titled, "Contest Entry" and fill out the requested information. In the space labled Name, put your InspireID. Do NOT use the name InspirationalButterfly. That is my InspireID. Please use the same InspireID in each of your writings. In the space labled Comment, type your entry. You may have up to three entries. Remember, the prize is being that month's Featured Writer. Do not expect any sort of cash prize. If that is what you want, publish a book or something.

Can I curse in my entries?

I would really rather you not. You can use light curse words, but do NOT use them at all frequently. Do NOT use any serious curse words, and do NOT direct ANY curse words towards other users or me. Please also refrain from using racial insults. Racism is most definitely NOT tolerated on Inspirational Writing. Also, please do not curse in poetry. Ever.



My question isn't on here. What do I do?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, then feel free to post it on the page labeled 'Help.' I will answer as soon as I can.

I just wanted to say hi....

Well hello to you too.