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    Hello and welcome to Inspirational Writing! Do you like to write stories or poems? Do you like to read other people's writing? Do you want to help others become better writers by reading their stories or poems and giving constructive feedback? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this is the place for you! Here, you can do all of the things listed and more! 

  Contests- Every month, Inspirational Writing will hold a writing contest-alternating between poetry, fictional stories, and informing articles. To enter a writing contest, go to the page titled 'Writing by YOU!,' and fill out the information requested there. In the space titled 'Name,' please either put ONLY your FIRST NAME or use a screen name. This will be your InspireID. It isn't recorded anywhere, so please make sure to use the same InspireID on all your writing. My InspireID is InspirationalButterfly. Please do NOT use the same name. If you do, it simply garuntees that you will not win the contest you are entering. I will usually post an example of what I am looking for in each contest. I will not pick myself as the winner, as that would be unfair unless I am the only competetor, in which case I will be selected. There are no prizes in the contests exept for being that month's 'Featured Writer.'

Rules of the Site-1. No foul language. 2. No harmful words towards others. Only one kind of critisizm is permitted-constructive critisizm. 3. No inapropriate references. 4. No inapropriate pictures. 5. Absolutely no plagurism!!!! We want creativity, not grand theft idea.


Parents-This is a completely child-friendly site that does not permit harmful words or gossip, inapropriate references, or inapropriate pictures of any kind. Anything of the kind will be eliminated from the sight along with the user who posted it. Some stories MIGHT have the occasional curse word used in dialogue (this, however, is highly unlikely, for I have a huge intolerance for foul language), but nothing more than that will be tolerated. You can be sure that your child will be completely safe while on Inspirational Writing.



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